What People Are Saying

A life spent walking with God is a life filled with great adventure—such as opportunities to meet and walk with some of the greatest of God’s people, like Brian Francis Hume.  I have known Brian for many years now. We’ve traveled together, ministered together, and shared life together. I consider him a great friend with a prophetic voice that is wrapped in an extremely thoughtful man of tremendous wisdom, insight and character. He is the real deal.  There is no voice I trust more in the things of God.

Stephen Burke

Brian’s passion, love for Christ and prophetic insight have been such a blessing to our family over the years. His prophetic words over us have had multiple supernatural confirmations, and have led us into a prophetic whirlwind that God is using to reveal our calling and assignments in Christ. Brian cherishes the secret place with the Lord, and he is anointed to impart wisdom and prophetic revelation to this generation. It is an honor to know him and his beautiful family. He is a true servant of the King of Kings!


It is my privilege, pleasure and honor to recommend Brian and his prophetic ministry to the body of Christ. Brian is a New Testament prophet and, more importantly, a follower and disciple of Jesus.


I first met Brian through a mutual friend in ministry many years ago when I invited him to minister at a prayer meeting. What stood out then, and continues to do so now is Brian’s ability to see and hear in the Spirit, as well as his humility and integrity. The body of Christ is in great need of those who can first see and hear clearly from God and then skillfully and faithfully articulate what they have seen and heard to others. We have an abundance of voices today, some of whom with good intent inject themselves into the Lord’s message. The prophets of old only spoke what they had seen and heard as they encountered God—they were messengers. This is who Brian is—a messenger, one who faithfully conveys what has been given him. I highly trust and commend Brian’s ministry to anyone who, as Revelation 2:7 says, has ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church today.

Yooshik Seo

I’ve known Brian as one who sees, hears, and understands from the deep places of his heart. It’s been a privilege to glean from his prophetic insights for years. Brian’s hunger for God has driven him into the crevices of history and sent him on an expansive personal journey from which he never fails to bring back rich morsels to share. We’re in for a treat!  


Brian Hume has been a good friend of ours for years, and we have great respect for and deeply appreciate him as a prophetic voice into our lives and ministry. Brian’s teaching and writing express this prophetic insight and gifting, with maturity, balance, and faith.  Brian’s contribution into our own prophetic history over the years has been substantial and timely. We wholeheartedly endorse his life and ministry.


I’ve known Brian for over seven years now, and in that time I have found him to be a man who represents the heart and character of Christ in everything he does. He values his relationship with Christ, family and friends deeply. I cannot express how much of a blessing his prophetic writings and insights have been to me—his prophetic vignettes of biblical truth being especially poignant in my changing seasons of life. I trust him deeply, as both a friend and spiritual brother, and you will find his gifts to be a valuable resource for you and your ministry.


Brian’s passion for Jesus—His presence and His word—infuses the prophetic anointing on his life. He walks in humility, sincerity, and genuine compassion for others, encouraging them of the Lord’s deep love and concern for their lives. He demonstrates the Father’s heart of unconditional love as a servant leader to all he meets from every walk of life—from well-known leaders to the shyest person in the room. As a university professor of writing, I have enjoyed watching Brian’s dedication to writing; as a great-granddaughter of a circuit-riding Methodist preacher, I have delighted in his passion as a revivalist; and as an intercessor, I have learned from his passionate, prophetic intercession. I am privileged to call Brian my friend, and I enthusiastically recommend his ministry.

Peggy Scolaro

Brian is a new kind of leader and preacher who respects and honors those who have gone before, but also looks ahead. He’s like a fine watch craftsman—he can design you a beautiful, custom-made watch that can turn the CHRONOS time for your organization or ministry into God’s KAIROS time of activation, and help propel you forward into God’s purposes for our day.


My husband and I have been blessed greatly by Brian’s gifts in ministry, which are clearly on display in his preaching and writing. Brian is passionate about pursuing intimacy with the Father, and using his prophetic gifts to reveal the Father’s heart to others. When Brian preaches, prophesies, or prays, hearts are touched. He is a humble servant, loving father, and faithful friend. Among the many things we admire about Brian, we are especially blessed by his humble honesty and his utter dependence on God’s grace. His zeal for knowledge drives a nearly pathological love of books and reading, especially ministry-related books. He is inspired by lives of fellow Christians, and he is, in turn, an inspiration to many.

Amanda Bryson

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Brian for over 15 years. I know Brian’s family and can attest that he is a loving father and faithful husband. I have watched him grow from a young man in the faith to the mature man in Christ that he is today. Having observed Brian in various fellowship, retreat, and one-on-one settings, I can confidently affirm his ministry and calling as a teacher, writer and prophetic speaker. Brian Hume is the real deal, combining the rare traits of spiritual perception, genuine sincerity and good humor. I can wholeheartedly endorse Brian’s ministry; he is a gift to the body of Christ.


When I was a student at Christ for the Nations Institute, there was a student that possessed an unusual magnetism and leadership ability that was noticeable to everyone he came into contact with—Brian Hume. His passion for spiritual renewal was, and is, the defining characteristic of his life. I’ve always felt that Brian would have a unique role in spreading revival fire through an anointed ministry of preaching the gospel. It’s a joy to see my suspicions confirmed as Brian’s ministry continues to unfold.


I’ve known Brian in two settings—as an editor with Burning Lamp Media & Publishing and as a pupil at the Texas School of Supernatural Ministry. As an editor, I consistently admire his integrity, his ability to meet deadlines, and his desire to always present an end product of excellence. As a pupil, I found him to be the kind of speaker who backs up everything he says with personal experience, and who uses his prophetic gift to serve everyone in the room in humility. He is a rare bird indeed, and I highly recommend him as an essential part of any endeavor you may have, in the church or the marketplace.


I met Brian in 2008. He was one of the guest speakers at an “Embracing God’s Glory” conference a group of ministers and I sponsored. From the very first time Brian spoke, we all knew this was the man of the hour. He is a man of character, honesty and integrity, and his gifting demonstrates his prophetic calling (through his writing, preaching and prophetic ministry).


Brian is a man hungry for God and His ways. Here is a man who can stir hunger in others. Here is a man who has a soft heart, a spirit pleasing to the heart of God. He has been used over the years to encourage me personally with accuracy.

Sally Green

Brian Hume has been my friend and colleague for many years. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of Path Clearer Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization that I lead. We traveled together on several occasions, including times when he “opened doors” for me to speak. Brian is a compassionate and altruistic man. He has a keen interest in encouraging others to recognize their prophetic purposes and potential to be used as instruments in the Kingdom of God. He’s sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading. I also know him to be a loving father and husband. I highly recommend to you my friend Brian.

Tom Dooley, Ph.D.

In these days of encroaching darkness, there is perhaps no better blessing to receive than sincere encouragement and clarity from one with the heart of Christ. Such is the ministry of Brian Francis Hume, whom God has consistently enabled to be a minister to the ministers and an encourager to the encouragers. He is able to capture the landscape of any given kingdom situation, and with rare humility, express God’s heart with comfort, vision and action. God be praised for equipping and calling Brian with these gifts in our time.


Brian speaks of defining moments—in 2008, a prophetic word he shared, interrupted a message he was teaching on the difference between God’s time and our time, changed my life. He looked directly at me and proclaimed three times, “The King of Glory is coming to Austin!” in a way that pierced directly into my spirit. I have stewarded that word ever since. First, pursuing Christ’s presence in my life and then interceding to see the King of Glory transform Austin. Brian is an encouragement and an accurate prophetic voice to the nations.

Donna McNeill

During the summer of ’97, Brian dropped by an all-night prayer service. Our prophetic leaders immediately recognized the call of God on his life. With prophetic words, Brian was encouraged to follow Jesus wholeheartedly—and that he was called to be an anointed leader. Later I placed a shepherd’s staff in his hands as a prophetic confirmation of the call of God on his life. He’s been faithful during seasons when his hopes and dreams have been on hold. But now is the “fullness of time” as he steps fully into his calling, proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom as a prophetic voice with blazing words of truth.

David Ruleman

I met Brian in 1998, and was moved by his dedication and commitment even then. I was led to prophesy a mighty calling upon him, and now, over 15 years later, he is even more dedicated to the purpose the Lord is leading him into. If ever I have met a man ‘in whom there is no guile,’ it is he. Although his giftings are great, his purity and focus of purpose are perhaps even greater than his abilities. He is a man of integrity, and his words and advice are powerful and full of spiritual wisdom.


Brian Hume exudes the father heart of God to his wife, children and each person he encounters. Gentle, thoughtful and discerning, the humility he carries is evident in everything he does. His eyes are always fixed on Jesus, and when he hears the voice of God, he obeys with a willing heart. Brian’s knowledge of revival history is parlayed into a passion for what is on the horizon for the church. This is especially true of the blazing circuit riders of old. He is trustworthy as a steward of the revelation he’s given. Without reservation, I’d recommend Brian Hume to be a part of your organization to accomplish God’s purposes in this hour.

Rebekah E Pearce

Brian has not permitted adversity to disqualify him from being a prophetic voice in this hour. It has been an honor to be a father in the Lord to Brian—to encourage him as a man of God and as a faithful husband to his wife. I recommend Brian as one who is trustworthy with a pure ministry from the Father’s heart. He’s well versed in the Scriptures—and in the dynamics of the gifts of the Spirit. I’ve watched him over the years flow consistently in words of knowledge and wisdom. Many signs and wonders will follow him as he launches out into the deep in 2015.

Jerry Phillips

Brian has an obvious love and passion for the Lord. He longs to see revival—that is, to ignite in people a passion for God that equips believers to fully walk in their destiny. He’s sensitive to the Holy Spirit, flowing as the Lord leads him. He is a man of integrity, who ministers with humility. Brian’s prophetic ministry brings “edification, exhortation and comfort” to those present. The prophetic words have been very accurate for myself and others I know. I highly recommend Brian Hume and his ministry!

Sherry Barnes